Heaths of New Kent County

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It is noted that Thomas Heath married Elizabeth Randolph in New Kent County, in 1700. (Southern Relatives Vol. 2, Hammonds)

George Heath, tayler (sic) was transported to Virginia from Northumberland in 1720 by Christopher Veale, tobacconist of Middlesex (England).  This is likely the same George Heath who was noted in New Kent County where he and he wife Mary were the parents of a son George in 1737.  Mary Oakley married George Heath in April, 172- in New Kent County.

In the 1743 record books of the vesty is the entry… to George Heath, further added to his wife’s charge 200.  Then in 1744 is the entry George Heath for keeping John Vincent an orphan child.  He was paid another small sum in 1747.

In 1750 the vestry paid George Heath for keeping Christian Bendell for 2 months, and burying him and digging his grave.

George Heath was noted in New Kent County in 1782 with a family of 7 and 4 slaves.  He owned 71 acres.  In New Kent County, St. Peter’s Parish these births are recorded for George and Lucy Heath: Elizabeth, 1755; Richard, 1765 (His death is noted in 1795); George, 1767; Mary Oakley, 1770; Lucy Hunt, 1773 and Elizabeth, 1775.  Their daughter Elizabeth Heath married Thomas Brewer then Thomas Ball.  Her children were Elizabeth Brewer and Margaret Ball.

The estate of George Heath was taxed in 1790, and in 1791.  His estate was counted for 2 slaves and 2 horses in 1790.  His sons, George and Richard were counted in 1790 living adjacent to each other, and Henry, a free Negro was included with them.  Neither held slaves in this census, and only Richard owned a horse.

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