Jones Transported to Virginia

Charles River County

1635  Elias Jones

1636  Sarah Jones

1637 David Jones by Bridges Freeman

(also 1636 no county given)

1637 Sarah Jones by Joseph Jolly

1637 Morris Jones by William Reynolds

1638 Samuell Jones by Capt. Christopher Wormley

1639 William Jones by George Minifye, Esq.

1639 Morgan Jones by Samuell Watkeyes

1639 John Jones by John Bell

1642 Thomas Jones by Adam Cooke

James River County

1636 Thomas Jones by Walter Hacker

1637 Richard Jones by Francis Fowler

1657 William Jones by Thomas Weekes

James City County

1635 Richard Jones by Francis Fowler

1635 Richard Jones by William Swan

1637 William Jones by Thomas Weekes

1637 David Jones by Bridges Freeman

1637 Robert Jones by Capt. Henry Browne

1637 Thomas Jones by George Burcher

1637 John James by John Dansey

1638 Hannah Jones by Thomas Stampe

1638 Richard Jones by Thomas Swan

1639 Hamon Jones by Thomas Stamp

1642 Foulke Jones by Stephen Webb

1643 William Jones by Henry Neale

1644 Hester Jones by James Taylor and Lawrence Baker

1648 William Jones by John Saynes

1653 Robert Jones by Mathew Williams

1654 Edward Jones by Edward Gilla

1655 Maudlin Jones by Thomas Jones

1655 Ann Jones by John Lynge

1655 Jno. Jones by Nicholas Bush

Elizabeth City County

1635 Thomas Jones by Henry Coleman

Henrico County

1635 William Jones by Thomas Harris

1635 Lewis Jones by Elizabeth Packer

1636 Edward Jones by Elizabeth Packer

1637 William Jones by Capt. Thomas Osborne

1637 Edward Jones by Elizabeth Parker

1637 Edward Jones by Elizabeth Parker

1638 William Jones by Capt. Thomas Harris

Norfolk County (New, Upper, Lower)

1637 Thomas Jones by Richard Bennett

(also 1635 no county stated)

1637 Hugh Jones by William Parry

1637 Hugh Jones by William Wilkinson, minister (also 1635 no county noted)

1637 Hugh Jones by Daniell Gookins

1637 Richard Jones by Argoll Yeardly

1637 Maudlin Jones by James Knott

1638 John Jones by Percivall Champion

1638 John Jones by Randall Crew

1638 Henry Jones by William Rainshaw

1639 Walter Jones by Richard Preston

1641 Phillipps Jones by Samuell Firment

1641 Eliza Jones by Thomas Babb

1646 Henry Jones by John Ashcomb

1646 Winnifred Jones by John Ashcomb

1648 Ann Jones by Thomas Lambert

1648 John Jones by Thomas Lambert

Warrasquinoake County

1635 Richard Jones by John Upton

Charles City County

1635 Thomas Jones by David Jones

1635 Thomas Jones by Osbourne Jenkin

1635 Humphrey Jones by Cheney Boyce

1636 Jonathon Jones by William Barber mariner

1637 Humphrey Jones by Cheney Boyce

1638  Jonathon Jones by Wm. Baker and Associates

1638 William Jones by Mr. Walter Ashton

1638 Thomas Jones by John George


1636 Alice Jones by George Travellor

1637 Thomas Jones by John Waltham, Jr.

1639 Edward Jones by Edward Drew

1639 Katherine Jones by Thomas Smith

1640 Elizabeth Jones by William Jones her husband

1641 James Jones by Stephen Charlton

Isle of Wight

1636 Charles Jones by John Seaward

1637 Richard Jones by Lt. John Upton

1637 William Jones by Arthur Smith

1638 Richard Jones by Ambrose Bennett

1639 John Jones by Robert Eley

1642 Evan Jones by John Moone

1648 John James by John Seward

Northumberland County

1649 Richard Jones by William Mesum and others

1650 William Jones by Mrs. Frances Townshend

1650 Elinor Jones by John Mattram

1650 Thomas Jones by Richard Hawkins

1650 William Jones by John Essix

1651 William Jones by Thomas hales and Thomas Sheppard

1651 Thomas Jones by Richard Turney

1651 Henry Jones by Lieut. Collo. Giles Brent

1651 William Jones by Hugh Fauch and James Magregory

1651 William Jones by Wm. Rennoles

1651 William Jones by Wm. Vincent

1652 William Jones by Mrs. Jane Harmer

1652 Morgan Jones by Edward Coles

1653 Richard Jones by Mrs. Mary Brent

1653 William Jones by Francis Clay

1653 Susan Jones by Jervais Dodson

1653 John Jones by William Hardidge

1653 Edmond Jones by John Earle

1653 Silvester Jones by Peter Knight

1654 James Jones by Peter Knight

1654 James Jones by Peter Knight

1655 Thomas Jones by Mr. John Mottrom

1655 William Jones by Fancis Clay, Gentleman

Nansemond County

1647 William Jones by Symon Symons

1648 Richard Jones by John Landmand

1650 Marg. Jones by Lawrence Peters

1650 Mary Jones by Thomas Mulford

1650 Honour Jones by Thomas Mulford

1653 Richard Jones by James Johnson

1656 John Jones by George Abbott

Northampton County

1649 Thomas Jones by John Waltham

1649 William Jones by Richard Vaughan

1649 Thomas Jones by Edmund Scarburgh, Jr.

1652 Mary Jones by Arthur Upshall

1652 Jon. Jones by William Colborne

1652 Mary Jones by Nicholas Waddilow

1653 John Jones by Charles Scarburg

1654 Mary Jones by Nicholas Wadilow

1654 John Jones by john Grey

1655 Thomas Jones by Christopher Calvert

1655  Farmer Jones, Jr. by George Parker

1655 Sarah Jones by George Parker

1655 Farmer Jones, Sr. by George Parker

Westmoreland County

1654 David Jones by Nicholas Merywether

1654 Ben. Jones by John Watson and John Bognall

1654 Magil Jones by John Watson and John Bognall

1654 Ann Jones by Capt. David Mansell

1654 John Jones by Nathaniel Pope

1654 Richard Jones by Nathaniel Pope

1655 John Jones by John Withers

Lancaster County

1652 Evan Jones by Evan Friffith

1652 William Jones by Anthony Doney and Enoch Hawker

1652 Christopher Jones by Mr. Thomas Brice

1653 Hugh Jones by James Bonner

1653 Richard Jones by Eppy Bonison

1653 William Jones by William Leech

1653 William Jones by Edward Kemp, Geor. Corlough, and John Meredith

1653 William Jones by George Wadding

1653 Vincent Jones by Thomas Bourne

1653 Reg. Jones by John Edwards

1654 Thomas Jones by Toby Smith

1654 Davy Jones by Abraham Moone

1655 Henry Jones by Mrs. Margaret Brent

New Kent County

1655 Roger Jones by Mr. Anthony Langston

1655 William Jones by Robert Priddy

Yorke County

1646 Marian Jones by William Hockaday

1648 Isaac Jones by Francis Fludd

1651 William Jones by Mr. Arthur Price

1651 Isac Jones by Edward Deggs, Esq.

1653 Richard Jones by Mr. William Hoccoday

Warwick County

1653 William Jones by Capt. Nathaniel Hurd

Gloucester County

1652 William Jones by Capt. Francis Morgan and Ralph Green

Unknown County

1635 Christopher Jones by Mathew Edloe

1635 Evan Jones by Charles Harwer

1635 Thomas Jones by Christopher Woodard

1636 Edward Jones by Capt. Adam Thoroughgood

1636 Jon. Jones by Richard Cocke

1642 Walter Jones by Cornelius de Hull

1642 Nicholas Jones by Hugh Bwyn, Gentleman

1642 Reynold Jones by William Connhoe

1642 William Jones by John Robins

1642 Jon. Jones by Capt. Samuel Mathews, Esq.

1642 Henry Jones by Capt. Samuell Mathews, Esq.

1642 Howell Jones by Capt. Samuel Mathews, Esq.

1642 Thomas Jones by Capt. Samuel Mathews, Esq.

1643 Isaac Jones by Edward Murfey and John Vaughan

1643 James Jones by Capt. Samuel Mathews, Esquire

1646 Robert Jones by Sir William Berkley

1648 Thomas Jones by Richard Pettibon

1649 Samuel Jones by Capt. Ralph Wormeley

1649 William Jones, Jr., by Mr. Wm. Hoccaday

1649 Hugh Jones by Mr. Wm. Hoccady

1649 Richard Jones by Thomas Dale

1650 Datherine Jones by George Godsmith

1650 Morgan Jones by Capt. Moore Fauntleroy

1650 William Jones by Mr. James Williamson

1650 Leon Jones by Mr. James Williamson

1650 Rice Jones by Wm. Yarret and Fra. Wittington

1650 Ri. Jones by Capt. Moore Fautleroy

1650 Thomas Jones by Capt. Moore Fautleroy

1650 Richard Jones by Wm. Holder

1650 Sarah Jones by Mr. Epaphroditus Lawson

1650 Joane Jones by Lieut. Wm. Worleich

1650 William Jones by Sr. tho. Suntsford, Kt., and Barronett

1650 Yarmer Jones by Sr. Tho. Luntsford, Kt., and Barronett

1650 Marg. Jones by Rice Jones

1650 Stephen Jones by Henry Peaseley

1651 Henry Jones by Mr. Rowland Burnham

1651 Thomas Jones by Phillip Hunley

1651 For. Jones by Mr. Wm. Armestead

1652 Chr. Jones by Mr. Henry Pitt

1652 Thomas Jones by Mr. Henry Pitt

1652 Richard Jones by Thomas Hollivell

1652 Mary Jones by Richard Coleman

1652 Samuel Jones by Richard Coleman

1652 William Jones by John Bayworth

1653 Wilnott Jones by Pter Knight and Baber Cutt

1653 Rowland Jones by Wm. Debram

1653 Hugh Jones by John Phillips

1654 Elizabeth Jones by James Yates

1655 Amy Jones by Henry Barlow

1654 William Jones by Abraham Moone

1654 Thomas Jones by R. Lawson

1656 William Jones by Griffith Deckinson

no date Morgan Jones by Henry Wesgate, Lower Norfolk

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  1. Margaret Vicente said, on May 17, 2011 at 4:01 pm

    I am stuck! I am looking for family history on James Jones, married to Catherine Howe. Their son, George Jones, my direct descendant, was born in Roanoke County, March 21, 1785. He married Lydia McMurtry in Harrison Co. Ill. 1817.
    I cannot find out anything about James or his descendants. I know many records were lost during the civil war. If anyone has information, it would be greatly appreciated. My dad was adopted, and just recently we opened his records and found out that he was born a Jones and he comes from the James and George Jones background.

    Thank you, Margaret Vicente

    • Diane Perry said, on October 26, 2017 at 10:02 am

      James Jones is my 3x great grandfather. Allyn Jones (my grandfather) is son of Isaac Jones, Isaac Jones is son of George Jones, George Jones is son of James & Catherine (Howe) Jones.
      I am certainly able to furnish you with the information I have. Now, I am interested to hear about you.

      • Elmer Whaley said, on December 29, 2017 at 4:36 pm

        I descend from Mary Matilda Jones, born 1854, Osceola, Clarke, Iowa, married 26 Dec 1875 to Hiram Russell Gould. She was the daughter of Isaac Howe Jones & Orpha Elvira Wroth, daughter of Benjamin Wroth & Orpha O. Bonney, daughter of John Bonney & Orilla Sherwood.

        Benjamin Wroth is a mystery, can’t locate his family – do you know anything about his family?

        Isaac Howe Jones is son of George Jones – said to have been born 29 Mar 1785 in Roanoke, VA., the son of James Jones & Catherine Howe.

        I can not locate anything at all on James Jones in Verginia – can you help me with this family?

        Hope to hear from you,

        Elmer Whaley

      • geesnmore said, on December 30, 2017 at 8:02 am

        I don’t know any more than what is posted, sorry.

      • Diane Perry said, on December 30, 2017 at 9:45 am

        I’m a bit confused Elmer, Allyn Jones (my grandfather) had three sons. Clyde, Wayne, and Ivan Dean (my father). My Isaac Harman Jones (born 1846-47, Ohio) and was married to Selinda Mervine (Mervyn).

      • Diane Perry said, on December 30, 2017 at 10:57 am

        Isaac H and Selinda W (Mervin/Mervyn) Jones had the following children.

        Allyn Jones b. 1892, Boone, Iowa; (my grandfather)
        Claude R Jones, b. +/- 1872, Iowa
        Archie Jones b. +/- 1874, Iowa
        Bertha Jones, b. +/- 1869, Ohio
        Claud L Jones, b. +/- 1871 Ohio
        Forrest H Jones, b. 1886, 1886, Boone, Iowa (married Eunice McCracken, Boone, Iowa)
        Charm F Jones, b. 1884 Iowa
        Edna S Jones, b. 1881, Independence, Iowa
        Wayne Jones, b. 1878, Iowa

        George Jones, b. 1812 Pennsylvania. He married Lucinda (Lucy) Harmon, b. 1812 Vermont. They primarily lived in Iowa and Ohio. The Harmon’s were a farming family (Harmon’s Crossing, Iowa)

        Allyn Jones married Alice Lenore McCracken (b. 1903) in Boone, Iowa. They had three sons: Clyde Halton, Wayne Lenore, Ivan Dean (my father).
        Alice L McCracken born to William Sherman and Anna Bertha McCracken, Boone, Iowa.
        The McCracken’s settled in Clearfield Co., Pennsylvania (early 1700’s) James (founding member) McCracken (see Clearfield Ancestors) is my 4x great grandfather.

      • Carol Nakamura said, on April 13, 2019 at 8:02 pm

        Hello Diane. Margaret Vicente (who’s inquiry appears above from May of 2011) is my sister. I am also interested in any information you might have on our Jones ancestors. I am a descendant of Issac’s brother Silas.
        Did Allyn Jones go by another name? I don’t see him as a child of Issac Jones on the Geni site. Do you have any information on Issac Howe Jones other children, specifically Amy Anna McIntire? I am a DNA match to her descendants. however her relatives say her given name was Miller, not Jones. But at the same time, they have Catherine Howe on Amy’s ancestry chart. Apparently she was made a ward of the state under the Millers care – It’s quite confusing. Do you have any information on George Jones parents James and Catherine (Howe) Jones?

  2. nancy said, on August 14, 2012 at 12:25 pm

    I’ve just started researching this family. I do have information on George and Lydia’s children.

  3. Lauren Flahive said, on July 18, 2013 at 7:29 pm

    Researching Anne Jones (1690 – 1712) , my 8th great-grandmother who married Col. Peter Poythress (1686-1776) I have been able to determine that her father was Peter Jones. But who was her mother? And what were the birth and death dates of her parents?

  4. z89y7 said, on August 10, 2017 at 7:29 am


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