Jones Allied Families

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Allied Families in Henrico and Charles City

The Batte Family

Reverend Robert Batte was the son of Margaret Wood and John Batte, of Okewell, Yorkshire who died in 1607. Captain John Batte was the son of Reverend Robert Batte of Yorkshire, England educated at Brasenose, Oxford who soon became Fellow and Master of University College, Oxford England.  Robert married Elizabeth Mary Parry, daughter of John Parry of Hertfordshire.  They were the parents of Henry, William Robert, and John as well as several daughters.

John Batte served as a Captain in the Yorkshire Regiment of the Royalist Army during the English Civil War, and was Justice of the Peace in the West Riding.  He and his four sons immigrated to Virginia in 1643.  John married Martha Katharine Mallory, daughter of Sir Thomas Mallory, Dean of Chester, and Elizabeth Vaughan.  He returned to Yorkshire in 1650 and died there in 1652.  He had purchased a tract of land fro John Upton in Isle of Wight. Francis Slaughter purchased land adjacent to this in 1655 from Margaret Upton.  John and Martha Batte were the parents of John, William, Thomas, and Henry.  Their daughter Ann married Thomas Halford, and Ann and Thomas were headrights of Thomas and Henry Batte in 1668.

John Batte, Jr. attended Sydney College, Cambridge and was admitted to Gray’s Inn. He drowned in the Irish Sea on a voyage from Virginia to England in 1650.

William Batte married in Virginia, Susan Aston, the widow of Lt. Colonel Edward Major.  Her father was Walter Aston and her mother was Hannah Jordan.

Charles City Order Book: 1655..

Oct. 5, 1665 Lt. Coll. Walter Aston shall pay to Capt. Daniel Llewellin one terce of good sack according to bill of Mrs. Susanna Major, or produce the person or lawful attorney of Capt. Batt who married the said Mrs. Major to answer the same at the next co’rt w’th costs, &c.

Ditoo: pge 78. at a court holden at Westover Oct 25 1656: these presents witness that I have sold unto my mother Mrs. Hannah Aston one brown steer about 4 years old and one brown cowe wch cattell belonged to the estate of Mr. Humphrey Lister for wch I acknowledge to have received full satisfaction, witness my hand this 24th day of Sept. 1656: William Batt.  Witnessed Mathew Edloe

William Batt, getn. For 2,150 lb. to be paid by Mr. James Crewes, sells to Mrs. Hanna Aston, 6 head of cattle, “All wch cattel are in possession  of the said Mrs Aston and more lately belonging to my now wife Mrs. Susanna Batt, dated 4 Dec. 1656.  Witnessed Daniel Llewellyn James Crews.

Charles City Records: Know all men by these presents that I, Susanna Major, the relict of Lt. Coll. Ed. Major do ratify and confirm the gift of my dec’d husband, that is to say, one mare foal that fell last August of a Bay Coll’or unto my brother Walter Aston, and do disclaim all my claim of the sd. Fole as witness my hand this 24 day of Aprill 1655.  Witnessed Mathew Edlow and Edmond Smith 1656.

William Batte patented 128 acres in Surry, upon the Lower Chipoakes Creek called Pacotake, adjacent to the land of George Powell.  This was due for the transport of 3 persons.  Evidently, William inherited his father’s land or a portion of it, in Isle of Wight as in February, 1677 Thomas Harris of Chipoakes, Surry and his wife Eleanor sold to Christopher Been all their land in Isle of Wight, and adjacent to … purchased of William Batte, of Isle of Wight, and Mrs. Margaret Upton. William Batte was Burgess of Surry in 1654 and was counted in the Titheables of Southwark Parish, Surry in 1668.  In 1666 he witnessed a deed from Nathaniel Stanton to Captain Thomas Swan.

The Charles City patent Book 6, pg. 126 notes 5,878 acres in Charles City to Thomas and Henry Batte, sons of Mr. John Batte.  This was for the transport of 118 persons to Virginia!

Thomas Batte married Amy Butler, and then married two more times to Amy then Mary Randolph.  Thomas and his wife, Mary, conveyed land to Gabriel Archer.  Then, in 1686, Thomas and Mary sold land to William Byrd.   They removed from Henrico County to Charles City County around 1693.  In 1693, Thomas Batte of Bristol Parish, Charles City County deed 960 acres on the north side of the Appamattox upon a branch known as Old Town Creek.  The witnesses were James Minge, James Harrison, Richard Jones, and Peter Jones.

Children of Thomas Batte

Sarah Batte married John Evans, Jr. in January, 1696 in Henrico County.  In 1715, John Evans and Sarah his wife, of Prince George, conveyed to Richard Jones of Prince George County, 168 acres on the north side of Stony Creek, in what became Dinwiddie County.  Robert Munford was appointed to be her attorney to acknowledge release of her dower.  The witnesses were Richard and Thomas Jones.  “Trader” Captain John Evans was an able woodsman who participated in William Byrd’s expedition to determine the dividing line between Virginia and North Carolina in 1728.  John and Sarah lived on Stony Creek and John held over 1,000 acres in what became Dinwiddie County.  John Evans, Sr. was noted in Charles City County in 1673 when he gave his age as 24.  His wife, Mary, age 26, also testified.  He held 557 acres in 1682 on the south side of the Appomattox in Bristol Parish and acquired 818 adjacent acres in 1690.  He died in 1704.

Martha Batte married Abraham Jones, then Reverend John Bannister, and finally Stephen Cocke, son of Thomas Cocke.

Mary Batte married Peter Jones.  The records of Henrico note the license of Mr. Peter Jones to Mary Batte was returned to the October General Court, Henrico, 1688.  Mary Jones gave a power of attorney in 1697 to James Cocke relinquishing her dower to property sold by her husband, Peter Jones, to Stephen Cocke in Henrico.

Amy Batte married Captain Richard Jones, Indian trader and militia captain who died in Brunswick in 1747.  His second wife was Rachel Ragsdale, daughter of Godfrey Ragsdale and Rachel Rowlett, daughter of Peter Rowlett.  They were the parents of 8 children.

Thomas Batte, Jr. married in Henrico, in April, 1682, Temperance Brown, the daughter of John and Sarah Brown.  Thomas left no sons to continue his lineage.  After his death, she married in November, 1691, John Farrar.  The security was Richard Jones and Joseph Pattison.  In 1693 in Henrico it records that It is ordered that Mr. John Farror who married the relict of Mr. Thos. Batte, late of this county, dec’d be summoned to appear at the next court and give bond with security for what estate he has in his hand belonging to the sd Batte’s orphans.  Sarah’s mother married a Woodson as her second husband, and her brother was Jeremiah Brown.  Her sister Martha also married a Batte.  In March, 1684/5 Colonel John Farrar, of Henrico, deeded to Colonel John Farrar, Henrico: March 4, 1684/5: To Thomas Batte, Jun., the son of Mr. Thos. Batte of the County aforesaid, 200 acres of land lying in the sd. County on the Appamattock River, being formerly purchased of the sd. Mr. Batte ye Elder…to Tho. Batte, Jun. one of the two unbroken horses which I have now in Appamattock Woods.

Henry Batte married Mary Lound, and he died before 1703 as a deed from Henry Batte and William Batte to John Peterson in 1703 states it was part of a greater tract of 5,873 acres granted in 1668 to Henry Batte, father of Henry, William, and Thomas Batte. Mary was the daughter of Henry and Ann Lound.  They were married in 1678 in Henrico County.  The will of Henry Lound leaves to his daughter, Mary Batte, 2,548 acres joining Worsham; part of a patent ½ of which was already given to William Ligon.  Also noted were: granddaughter Anne Ward daughter Anne Moody; grandson Henry Hatcher; granddaughter Mary Tanner; granddaughter Martha Blanks; grandson William Ligon; granddaughter Elizabeth Ligon.

Henry and Mary were the parents of Henry, Sarah, Rachel, Elizabeth, William, and Anne Batte.

Children of Henry Batte and Mary Lound

Henry was noted in the 1704 quit rents in Prince George for 790 acres.  Henry’s brother married Mary Stratton, and Henry became the guardian of her niece, Elizabeth Chamberlaine, the daughter of Thomas Chamberlaine and his second wife Elizabeth Stratton.  In 1723, Dorothy Chamberlaine was permitted to choose her guardian, and she chose Richard Jones, Jr.  William Kennan and Henry Randolph were security.  Dorothy later married Peter Jones.   Henry Batte died in 1727, and his will notes his mother and sisters, as the legatees of Captain Henry Batte, their father.  His will lists mother, Mary Batte; sisters, Martha, Mary Poythress; Elizabeth Ligon; Ann Stratton; Rachel Parham, Sarah Jones; and brother William.

Mary Batte married John Poythress

Elizabeth Batte married Richard Jones, then William Ligon.

Sarah Batte married Abraham Jones about 1718.

Rachel Batte married James Parham.

Anne Batte married Edward Stratton.  Their sons were William, Thomas and Henry Stratton.  Ann died in October 1729 in Prince George County.  Prince George Minute Book: A deed for land and livery of Seizin thereon from Ann Stratton to William Batte were proved by oaths of Robert Poythress, John Peterson, and Thomas Batte, three of the witnesses thereto and on the motion of he said William Batte it is ordered that the said deed and livery of seizing be recorded.   At a Court held at Fitzgerald’s for Prince George on the second Tuesday in August, 1739:

William Batte was born in Charles City County about 1682 and married in May, 1704, Mary Stratton, daughter of Edward Stratton and Martha Shippey.  William was noted in the 1704 Quit Rents for 750 acres in Prince George County.  William died about 1754 in Prince George County.  Mary and William Batte appeared in court to acknowledge she had received her inheritance as one of the orphans of Mr. Edward Stratton.

William and Mary’s son Henry Batte married his cousin, Elizabeth Chamberlaine.  Elizabeth’s mother was Elizabeth Stratton, daughter of Edward Stratton, and second wife of Thomas Chamberlaine.  Elizabeth Chamberlaine was born about 1710.  In 1727 she chose Henry’s grandfather as her guardian.  She and Henry were married about 1730.  Henry Batte and wife Elizabeth Chamberlaine, with Peter Jones, III and his wife Dorothy Chamberlaine, were granted the1600 acres of land in Henrico County.  Soon after, Peter and Dorothy sold their portion to Henry and Elizabeth for ₤500.

Henry and Elizabeth’s children were: Chamberlaine Batte born in 1736, married about 1755 his cousin Margaret Jones, the daughter of Peter Jones and Dorothy; William, died unmarried; Richard Batte married Mary Wills; Thomas Batte.

William and Mary Batte were also the parents of William Batte who married Agnes Burchett; Robert who married Martha Peterson daughter of John Peterson and Martha Thweatt; Thomas who died young; John; and Mary who married Abraham Cocke; and Sarah Batte who married John Jones of Surry County.  The will of William Batte was filed in Prince George in December, 1754.  It left to Robert Batte land including two mills and the home plantation; or to grandson, William Batte, son of Henry Batte, or to grandson Henry Batte.  It also notes his son William Batte.  Robert Batte gave a deed for 200 acres in Prince George being a tract of land devised by Henry Batte to Ann Stratton, (his daughter), and by her conveyed to William Batte, (her brother), and by him devised to Robert Batte, his son.

Wynne Family

Joshua Wynne was an associate of Peter Jones and Abraham Wood.  He was the son of Colonel Robert Wynne and Mary Frances (Sloman?) Poythress, widow.  He was the grandson of Peter Wynne of Canterbury. Peter and Thomas Wynne were involved in the Virginia Company in 1609.  Colonel Robert Wynne was given the responsibility for surveying and improving roads in the colony and was sent to England to secure a set of weights and measures for the colony.  He served as Speaker of the House of Burgesses from 1662 to 1674.  His seat was in Jordan’s Parish, Charles City County.  He died in 1678.

Joshua’s older brothers were Thomas and Robert, who died before his father.  Their sister Mary married Captain John Woodlief who participated and died in Bacon’s Rebellion.  Thomas Wynne married about 1675, Agnes Stith, daughter of Major John Stith and Jane Drury.  In 1704 he held 400 acres in Prince George County, on the south side of the Blackwater.  He was responsible for preventing settlement on Indian lands around Bear Swamp.  He deeded land in Surry County to his son Robert and his daughter Mary Malone in 1707.  That same year he patented 500 acres on Cabin Shick Swamp on the south side of the Nottoway.  His will was filed in Surry in 1718.  He and Agnes were the parents of Thomas, Lucy, Mary the wife of Nathaniel Malone, and Robert who was Justice, and Sheriff of Surry among other positions.

Upon the death of his father, Colonel Robert Wynne, Joshua inherited an estate in England which included a mill in St. George’s Parish, Canterbury.  Joshua also inherited the Virginia plantation known as Georges.  He travelled frequently to England.  The records of Henrico note that Thomas Chamberlaine appointed Joshua to stand as his attorney.  Joshua was a Justice in Charles City, and sheriff of Prince George County from 1705 to 1712.  He served in the House of Burgesses.  He was taxed for 860 acres in the 1704 tax rolls.

Joshua married Mary Jones the daughter of Peter Jones and Margaret.  Joshua and his brother Thomas were Indian interpreters.  Joshua was also involved in surveying the true boundary between Virginia and North Carolina in 1707.  Joshua was killed by Indians in 1715.  Mary married as her second husband William Randolph, son of William Randolph and Mary Isham.

Joshua Wynne and Mary Jones were the parents of:

Peter Wynne who married first a daughter of Colonel Edward Hill, and then Frances Anderson, daughter of John Anderson and the widow of John Herbert;

Robert Wynne married Martha of Surry County.  Robert Wynne sold land in Brunswick to Lewellyn Jones of Brunswick.  He also sold land in Prince George to William Cotton.

Francis Wynne of Prince George County;

Joshua Wynne who married Mary Hicks;

William Wynne who married Frances and died in 1774;

Robert Wynne who married Sarah Knibb;

Francis Wynne;

Margaret Wynne who married Edward Goodrich;

Sloman Wynne; and

Mary Wynne who married Captain John Worsham.

Charles Goodrich was the son of Colonel Thomas Goodrich, whose widow married Colonel Edward Hill, of Shirley.  Another son of Thomas Goodrich was Joseph Goodrich, who married the niece of Lady Frances Berkeley.  Charles died in 1726 in Prince George County.  His will notes debts to his son in law John Hamlin, deceased husband of his daughter Ann.  He also notes a slave, Phillis, which was in dispute between his daughter, Lucy, and Peter Wynne.  Charles was the father of Edward Goodrich who was born about 1693 and married Margaret Wynne.  His daughter, Ann Goodrich married John Hamlin, son of Captain John Hamlin, Burgess of Prince George and his wife Elizabeth Taylor.  Thomas Ravenscroft married John’s sister, Elizabeth Hamlin.  Edward died in 1720 and Gilbert Hay was one of the witnesses to Edward’s 1720 will and the will of Margaret in 1721.  In his will Edward noted his daughters Mary, Elizabeth, son Benjamin, son Edward, and his father and sisters.  The executors to his will were his wife and Henry Harrison.  The witnesses were Gilbert Hay, Arthur Biggins and Ephriam Vernon.  Margaret Goodrich died soon after she witnessed a deed from John Hardyman to Peter Poythress.  Also witnessing this deed were Francis Epes, Jr. and Elizabeth Duke.  Peter Wynne returned an account for Margaret’s estate in 1724, which included a payment to the Reverend Mr. Cargill for giving her funeral sermon.

Edward was Burgess from Prince George in 1711, 1712-14, 1715, 1718, and 1720.  Peter and Francis Wynne and Henry Poythress witnessed Captain Hamlin’s will in 1724. Two other nieces were Sarah and Lucy Goodrich.

Edward Goodrich, II, married Anne Briggs, the daughter of Mary Bailey and Samuel Briggs.  In the will of his father, in 1720, Edward Goodrich, II inherited a 500 acres plantation High Hill in Surry which Edward Sr. had purchased from Cargill.  In 1723, John Jones and his wife Elizabeth, of Lawnes Creek Parish, Surry deeded to Edward Goodrich, son of Captain Edward Goodrich 190 acres on the Southwest side of Nottoway River called High Hill. Later, Edward purchased 100 acres on the south side of Three Creeks, which eventually was in Brunswick, and was sold to Henry Duke in 1748. Duke deeded this land back the following year.  In 1744 Edward and Anne, his wife sold 280 acres on the South side of Three Creeks, which had been sold to Edwards father by George Hunt.  Edward Goodrich became sheriff and Burgess of Brunswick.

Edward Goodrich, II died in 1790.  His will notes his wife Ann, daughter Mary who married Frederick Briggs in Brunswick; Griggs Goodrich who married Mary Camp; Dorothy who married a MacDaniel; Sarah who married William Thornton, and Benjamin who married Luc Butler.  Edward, Jr. who witnessed the will may also have been a son.

Worsham Family

William Worsham married Elizabeth Littlebury and purchased 200 acres from Seth Ward before 1640.  This land was on the Appomattox River at Old Town Creek.  His brother was George Worsham of Henrico County.  In 1657 William was a commissioner for Charles City County.  He and Elizabeth were the parents of John, William and Thomas and daughters Elizabeth and Mary.

After William Worsham died his wife married Francis Eppes II, son of Francis Eppes, as his second wife.  One of the servants imported by the senior Eppes was George Archer. Francis Eppes, II was the father of Francis Eppes, III, with his first wife.  With Francis Eppes, II, Elizabeth Littlebury Worsham Eppes was the mother of William Eppes, Littlebury Eppes, and Mary Eppes.  Littlebury Eppes married a daughter of Daniel Llewellyn, Jr. and Jane Stith about 1689 in Charles City County.  He witnessed the will of William Byrd I in 1705.

John Worsham was the father of John Worsham who married Phoebe.  Phoebe Worsham witnessed an agreement made by Martha Stratton in 1691 and the will of Gilbert Elam I.   John and Phoebe lived in Bermuda Hundred near his stepbrother Francis Eppes III, his step brother-in-law Richard Kennon, Martin Elam, Thomas Sheppey, and Edward Stratton II.  John Worsham was a merchant and justice for Henrico.  He witnessed the will of Major William Ligon, Sr.  John Worsham obtained 879 acres with Edward Stratton and Abraham Womack on the north side of Swift Creek.  Then with Francis Patram on the main fork of Proctors Creek.    Then in 1703, John Worsham, with his stepbrother Captain Francis Eppes and sons, Isham, and Francis, Jr., his son-in-law George Robertson, clerk, his sister Elizabeth Kennon, Philip Jones, Martha Stratton, James Hill and George Archer II, patented 4000 acres on the north side of the Appomattox at the mouth of Winterpock Creek.  John Worsham died in 1729. John and Phoebe were the parents of:

Captain John Worsham married Mary Wynne and they lived on Swift Creek.  They were the parents of Joshua, Thomas, and John Worsham who married Agnes Branch, daughter of Thomas Branch and Elizabeth Archer and the widow of Edward Osborne, Jr.

Mary Worsham married George Robertson, Clerk.

Daniel Worsham married Judith Archer.

Elizabeth Worsham married Thomas Ligon, then Alexander Marshall, a leather tanner.  Elizabeth Worsham Ligon and her second husband, Alexander Marshall, were given the care and custody of Lodowick Tanner in the 1706 Orphans Court of Henrico.  They lived on Swift Creek in Henrico County.

Martha Worsham married Seth Ward.

Captain William Worsham married Lucy Hamblin.

Ann Worsham married Thomas Osborne the son of Martha Jones Branch, widow and Thomas Osborne.  Martha Jones Branch was the widow of John Branch and the daughter of Thomas Jones and Mary Repps of Henrico.  John Worsham was the brother of Elizabeth, wife of Richard Kennon, and Mary wife of Richard Ligon.

Frances Worsham married William Rowlett.  William’s brother Peter married Mary Ligon.  Frances and William held 200 acres between Old Town and Swift Creeks in 1724.  He later obtained 300 acres next to Francis Eppes on the north side of Appomattox and the south side of Winterpock Creek and 400 acres on Beaver pond Branch.

Martha Worsham and Seth Ward sold 100 acres on the south side of the James River, next to the land of Joseph Ward in 1717.  John Trent and Gilbert Gee of Henrico sold to Seth Ward, of Henrico, 200 acres of land on the south side of the James River in Henrico where John Trent lived, being part of a patent granted to Trent and Gee, touching on the south side of a branch of the Lower Manokin Town Creek.  This was recorded in 1737.  Seth Ward’s will was filed in January, 1734.

To two daughters Martha Ward and Elizabeth Ward…son Seth Ward all my land in Henrico…; to Abraham Jones, when he comes to the age of 21 years, 1 young mare, 1 cow and calf, 2 sows & pigs. … in case that they die )my 3 children, (Seth, Martha, & Elizabeth) without lawful issue and not disposed of their estates so that there would be an heir at law come into claim their estate, and for preventing that heir at law my will is that Abraham Jones heir & enjoy that tract of land lying on Mishew’s Branch containing 200 acres to him and his heirs forever…and all my land in Sheffields….I give to Captain John Worsham and Captain William Worsham to them and their heirs….and they are also appointed … the guardianship and care of my children.

In 1721 in Henrico Rowland Thomas sued Richard Ward and Mary, his wife, executrix of Robert Jones, deceased. (Henrico Court, Order Book, p. 98)  Richard Ward purchased 700 acres in Henrico in 1708.  In 1717, Richard Ward, Sr. deeded to Seth Ward 300 acres in Henrico on the south side of the James River being land devised said Richard Ward by his father Richard Ward, by his will, 1682.

Ward Family

Seth Ward married Katherine Smith and they were the parents of Richard Ward who died in 1682.  Richard patented 1,337 acres south of the James River in Henrico County adjacent the land of Christopher Branch, Sr., and along the river to the mouth of Falling Creek.  This land was sold to Richard Ward by Jeremiah Blackman.  In1636 William Tucker, Maurice Thompson, George Thompson, William Harris, Thomas Deacon, James Stone, Cornelius Lloyd of London, Merchants and Jeremiah Blackman of London, mariner, and their associates and company patented 8000 acres called Berkley Hundred.  Mary Ward, the daughter of Seth and Katherine, married Edward Hatcher, and their daughter, Mary, born in 1658, married Gilbert Elam, Sr.  Mary’s second husband was John Burton, Jr., son of John Burton. (See Hatcher Family)

The will of Richard Ward notes his eldest son Seth, son Richard, son Edward, and daughter Elizabeth.  His wife was named Elizabeth.  Richard Ward’s will also noted he shipped tobacco on the Hopewell, of London, Captain John Rude.  Included in the will is the disposition of his three hands, Simon Lygon, Ross and Jack, both Indians.  Seth was required to build Edward a dwelling house of 20 feet wide and 30 feet long with 2 outside chimneys.  Richard Ward received 300 acres.  Edward Ward received 250 acres.  Elizabeth Ward, his daughter, received 150 acres.  His eldest son, Seth Ward, was the executor.  The estate was substantial and included a race horse.

Captain Seth Ward was born in 1661 based on a deposition.  He appears to have married Ann Hatcher who was the granddaughter of Henry Lound and the daughter of Henry Hatcher and Ann Lound. Henry Lound noted his granddaughter Ann Ward in his will.  Seth died about 1706/07, but no will survives.  Ann then married William Blackman who gave security for the inheritance of the orphans of Seth Ward in 1708.  Seth and Ann were the parents of Seth, Richard, Benjamin, and Joseph Ward as well as a daughter who married Robert Burton, Jr. and was the mother of Seth Burton.  In 1713 Benjamin Ward chose Robert Burton, Jr. to be his guardian and Joseph Ward chose Seth Ward to be his guardian.  John Stewart and Robert Burton stood as securities for Seth Ward and Henry Trent and Seth Ward stood as security for Robert Burton.  William Blackman was ordered to deliver to Robert Burton, Jr. and Seth Ward the estates of their wards.  Thomas Branch, Christopher Branch and Richard Ward, their uncle, were ordered to verify the delivery and make a report to the court. At the same time, Richard Ward, the brother of Seth, Benjamin and Joseph, petitioned that his estate be delivered to him fro William Blackman, as he was now of lawful age.

There were conflicts between William Blackman and Edward Ward regarding a road across the land belonging to the orphans of Edward’s brother, Captain Seth Ward.  Later, in 1713, Seth obtained permission to build a cart road from his plantation, across land held by his stepfather, William Blackman, to the river and a parcel of land he had purchased from Richard Ward.  Christopher and Thomas Branch laid out the roadway.

In the 1682 will of Richard Ward, his eldest son Captain Seth Ward received the plantation where his father lived.  In 1717 Richard Ward deeded the 300 acres he had inherited in 1682 to his nephew Seth Ward.  At the same time Seth sold to his uncle 100 acres on the south side of the James River adjacent to Joseph Ward.  His wife Martha relinquished her dower.

Seth Ward, son of Captain of Seth Ward, married Martha Worsham daughter of John Worsham who notes his daughter Martha Ward in his will of 1729.  John Trent and Gilbert Gee of the County and Parish of Henrico in 1730, sold to Seth Ward, 200 acres on the south side of James River being a plantation John Trent then lived on, and being a part of a patent granted to Trent and Gee, touching on the Southside of a branch of the Lower Manakin Town Creek.  The deed was not recorded until 1737.  Seth died in January, 1735.  His will filed in Henrico notes his daughters Martha and Elizabeth and his son Seth (Colonel).  Interestingly, Seth notes that if these children died before reaching their majority, then Abraham Jones was to inherit 200 acres on Mishew’s Branch, and the remainder of the estate was to pass to Captains John and William Worsham, who were also appointed as their guardians.  Abraham Jones, when he reached the age of 21 years, inherited …1 young mare, 1 cow and calf, 2 sows & pegs.

Colonel Seth Ward, resided on his father’s land Sheffield and on Winterpock in what became Chesterfield County, where he was sheriff and a member of the House of Burgesses.  He married his first cousin, the daughter of Benjamin Ward and Ann Anderson of Henrico. Colonel Ward died in 1769.

Richard Ward, son of Captain Seth Ward, was sued by his brother for trespass and assault with injury, in 1720.  Then, in 1724 John Burton accused Richard of assaulting and beating him.  John won this suit.  Richard was entangled in many suits during the next decade, including an arrest for stealing Indian corn, which was dismissed.  Richard eventually went to Cumberland County.  In 1755 Richard was tried for a felony in the Lunenburg County Court and found not guilty.  Then he was bound to keep the peace after Nathaniel Bassett swore he was in danger of his life from Richard Ward.  Richard’s will was filed in 1762 in Lunenburg.

Benjamin Ward, son of Captain Seth Ward, died in 1732.  His wife was Ann Anderson, daughter of Henry Anderson and Prudence Stratton. Benjamin’s will notes his sons Henry, Rowland, Benjamin, his wife Ann and all his sons and daughters.   His daughter Mary chose Seth Ward, her uncle, as her guardian. Another daughter, Ann, married her cousin, Seth Ward. Henry Ward married Prudence, the daughter of Colonel Richard Jones and Sarah Stratton, of Amelia County.  Henry died in Amelia County in 1765.  Rowland Ward married Rebecca, the daughter of Colonel Richard Jones and Margaret, of Amelia County.   His will was filed in 1800 in Amelia County.  It left bequests to his daughter Martha Jones, daughter of Margaret Jones; daughter Ann Jones; son Edward Ward; grandson Richard Henry Jones, grandson Henry Ward and granddaughter Prudence Jones.  Martha Ward married Richard Jones, Jr. in 1774 and Ann Ward married Robert Jones in 1783. Prudence Ward married Llewellyn Jones.

Joseph Ward, son of Captain Seth Ward, died in 1743 in Henrico County.  He left a large family which is traced in The William and Mary Quarterly, Volume 27 by Lyon Gardiner Tyler, Earl Gregg Swem.

Richard Ward married Martha Branch the daughter of Thomas Branch, Sr.; Elizabeth Blackman the daughter of William Blackman; and Mary widow of Robert Jones, the son of Gilbert Jones.  In 1721 Rowland Thomas sued Richard Ward and Mary, his wife, the executrix of Robert Jones, deceased. Richard purchased 700 acres in Henrico County on Branch’s Brook from Robert Thompson, Jr. in 1708.   In 1717 he sold his nephew, Seth Ward, 300 acres on the south side of the James River in two parcels which was the land Richard had inherited from his father Richard Ward, Sr. His children were: Richard, John, Elizabeth and Seth and probably Blackman Ward. Richard went to Carteret County, North Carolina.  John Ward married Hannah and acknowledged he had received his estate in 1725.  In 1731 he sold 267 acres to Benjamin Ward which lay between the land of Richard Ward and Blackman Ward.  John was frequently in court, suing and being sued, or being fined for swearing or mischief.   In 1724 the estate of Elizabeth Ward, daughter of Richard Ward was delivered to her guardian, Gilbert Elam.  This is all we know about her.  Blackman Ward is also likely a son of Richard and his second wife, Elizabeth Blackman.

Edward Ward married a daughter of Gilbert Elam, Sr. who had stood as guardian of his niece, Elizabeth Ward.  Gilbert Elam had married Mary Hatcher, the daughter of Edward Hatcher and Mary Ward, whose father was Seth Ward.  In 1691 Edward Ward, Gilbert Elam, Sr., and Gilbert Elam, Jr. were granted 1,015 acres of land on Falling Creek, Varina parish, Henrico County.  Gilbert Elam, Sr., notes his son-in-law Edward Ward in his will probated in 1696.  Over the years Edward bought and sold small parcels along Falling Creek, including 150 acres to Robert Bolling, Sr. of Prince George County.  The last record of Edward Ward is a suit in 1708 in Henrico which states Edward had …privately departed out of this county indebted to Robert Bolling & Co.

Osborne Family

Thomas Osborne and his unknown wife were the parents of Thomas Osborne who came to Virginia in by 1637 when he patented 500 acres in Henrico County.  His wife is also unknown, but they were the parents of a son, Thomas Osborne who was born in Virginia in 1641.  He married Mary Bailey, daughter of Henry Bailey.  Their son, Thomas Osborne married Martha Jones February 24, 1689.  She was the daughter of Thomas Jones and Mary Repps. They were the parents of seven children. Their daughter Mary married Benjamin Branch.

Thomas and Martha were the parents of Thomas Osborne born in 1690 who married Ann Worsham.  They went to Charlotte County and were the parents of John, Thomas, Martha, and Reps Osborne.

Hatcher Family

William Hatcher was the father of William, Henry, Edward, Benjamin B. and daughter Jane, and Susannah.  Jane Hatcher was the wife of William Branch, son of Christopher Branch, and then Abell Gower.  Susannah Hatcher married Thomas Burton, Sr. in 1662 then John Steward in 1686.  William Hatcher, Jr. died in 1680. Henry Hatcher, Joseph Hatcher, and Benjamin Bullington were given license to trade with the Indians in 1671-1674.

Henry Hatcher married Ann Lound daughter of Captain Henry Lound and Anne.

Their children were: Henry Hatcher married Dorothy Batte, daughter of Henry Batte, then Dorothy Hardaway, daughter of John Hardaway and  Frances Harris; William Hatcher; Mary Hatcher married Edward Tanner who died in 1723; Anne Hatcher married Captain Seth Ward, son of Richard Ward; Mathew Hatcher; Martha Hatcher married John Edloe in 1699.

Edward Hatcher married Mary Ward daughter of Seth Ward and his wife Katherine Smith.  Their children were: Mary Hatcher married Gilbert Elam, Sr. who died in 1697 and she married John Burton, Jr. born in 1656.  They had four daughters; William Hatcher married Sarah Anne Burton, daughter of John Burton, Sr.; Edward Hatcher, Jr. married first a Jameson, then Sarah Burton; Martha Hatcher, born in 1663 married John Edloe, then Richard Gower in 1678; Sarah Hatcher married Samuel Oulton, then Mathew Turpin, in 1686 then in 1689, Joseph Tanner son of Joseph Tanner and Mary Jones; John Hatcher married Mary Hancock, daughter of Robert Hancock and Johanne Lygon; Seth Hatcher married Margaret Turpin then Elizabeth Perrin, then Susannah.

Tanner Family

Joseph Tanner and Mary were the parents of Mary Tanner who married William Ligon of Henrico County, and Martha who married Thomas Jones.  William Ligon’s will in 1689 notes his wife Mary, an unborn child, and children John of Ashen Swamp, Joseph, Thomas and William, daughter Mary. John Worsham, Captain Francis Eppes, and Mr. Robert Hancock were the administrators.

Martha Tanner, widow of Thomas Jones, married Edward Haskins and they were the parents of Edward, Robert, Aaron, Sarah, Creed, and he left them land on the north side of the Appomattox adjoining Robert Hancocke’s survey.

Joseph Tanner and Mary were also the parents of Joseph who married Ann Floyd.  His home was in the area which became Chesterfield County.  A Joseph Tanner of Chesterfield left in his will in 1757 his plantation called Coxendale to Floyd Tanner, son of Joel.  Coxendale was originally settled by Thomas Osborne in 1625.  Joseph and Mary were also the parents of Thomas Tanner of Bristol Parish, Prince George County.  His will was filed in Amelia County in 1763.

Lodowick Tanner was the son of Joseph Tanner and his second wife, Sarah Hatcher Turpin.  He was given his estate by Colonel France Eppes in 1714.  Lodowick removed to Amelia County.  His first wife was Francis Branch, daughter of Thomas Branch and Elizabeth Archer of Henrico.  His second wife was the widow, Ann Johnson.  Thomas and Elizabeth were the parents of Elizabeth who married William Osborne; Branch and Lewis; and Sarah who married Peter Jones, son of Colonel Richard and Sarah Stratton Jones.  They were married in Amelia County in 1746.

The Eppes

Lt. Colonel John Eppes was the father of William and Richard Eppes.  He patented 2, 750 acres in Charles City County in 1667 and died after 1677.  William was sheriff of Prince George County in 1705.  Richard married a Poythress and was the father of Richard.

Lt. Colonel Francis Eppes, II was born about 1628 and died in 1678.  His second wife was Elizabeth Littlebury, widow of William Worsham of Henrico.  He died from a wound in Henrico.  He was close friends of William Randolph and Richard Cocke, Sr.  Lt. Col. Eppes and his first wife were the parents of Col. Francis, III.  Col Francis, of Henrico, was born in 1659 and served as sheriff and Burgess.  His wife was Ann Isham, daughter of Henry and Katherine Isham of Bermuda Hundred.  They were the parents of Francis whose daughter Martha married Llewellyn Eppes, Isham (d.s.p.), William, and daughters Ann wife of William Kennon, Elizabeth wife of Henry Randolph, Mary and Sarah.  Elizabeth Littlebury Worsham was the mother of William, Lt. Col. Littlebury, Mary wife of Lt. Col. John Hardiman, and Anne.  William’s daughter married Edward Osborne.

The Bollings

Robert Bolling, husband of Jane Rolfe, purchased land near the falls of the Appomattox from Richard Jones.  His son, Robert Bolling II added to these holdings to create the plantation Bolingbrook.  Robert and his brother John had tobacco warehouses at the falls.  Later, in 1762, Robert Bolling III bought Peter Jones’s mill.

Colonel Robert Bolling was the son of John Bolling of All Hallows, Barking Parish, London, and Mary Cary (Carie), daughter of Thomas Cary, London.  He resided in Yorkshire before coming to Virginia.  Colonel Robert Bolling married Jane Rolfe the daughter of Jane Poythress and Thomas Rolfe of Henrico County, the only child of John Rolfe and Pocahontas.   Their son was Colonel John Bolling who married Mary Kennon. They were the parents of Martha Bolling who married Thomas Eldridge in 1727 and Jane, married Colonel Richard Randolph.

Colonel Robert Bolling’s second wife was Anne Stith, the daughter of Major John Stith and his wife Jane Drury.  Their children were: Robert Bolling II who married Anne Cocke the daughter of Richard Cocke and Elizabeth, Stith, Edward, Anne who married her first cousin, Robert Wynne, Drury, and Thomas Bolling, as well as Mary Agnes who married Richard Kennon, son of Richard and Elizabeth (Worsham) Kennon.  Anne married John Hall of Prince George, who mentioned in 1712 a brother Hugh Hall.  One has to wonder if he was related to Hugh Hall, Quaker and merchant of Barbados, and Hugh Hall, Jr., merchant and slave trader, who settled in Boston.

John Sturdivant, Indian Trader

John Sturdivant and Christopher Robinson patented 600 acres in Henrico County at the head of the eastern run of Swift Creek, which run was known as Mr. Hatcher’s Run in February, 1652. This patent was abandoned and later came into the possession of Henry Randolph.  In 1673, Henry Batts and Mr. John Sturdivant patented 3,538 acres on the South Side of Appomattox River, bounded on the Second Branch (Swamp) of the Blackwater in Charles City County.

John Sturdivant married by 1660, Sarah Hallom Woodward, widow of Samuel Woodward and daughter of Robert Hallom.  (See Daniel Llewellyn) John later was released from his responsibilities for the estate and orphans of Samuel Woodward, Sarah’s first husband.

John Sturdivant was employed by William Byrd, I and was a supporter of Nathaniel Bacon in Bacon’s Rebellion.  In 1684, William Byrd I wrote to Thomas Grendon in England that John Sturdivant, his son, John Milner, Thomas Shippy, Richard Womacke and Hugh Cassel were killed by Indians while on their way back to Virginia after a trading expedition.  They had been trading along the Occaneechee Trail, which went from Fort Henry to the Dan and Roanoke Rivers in North Carolina.  John’s estate was settled in 1690 by his son Daniel.  His brothers were Chichester, Mathew and possibly Llewellyn, named for Daniel Llewellyn who married Sarah Hallom Woodward’s mother.

Hugh Lee

He resided in Northumberland County.   In December, 1650 he was granted 100 acres there.  He obtained 288 acres in 1654. Hugh Lee married Hannah Hewitt of St. Mary’s County, Maryland.   In 1653 both Hannah and Hugh gave their ages as 44 and 37 respectively.  It would seem a son, was Hugh Lee who died in Charles City County and was married to Ann Harrison.  They were the parents of Hugh, James, John, and Jane, and Ann Lee.  Hugh Lee, III married Ann Tatum, daughter of Samuel Tatum and Mary Moore.  He died in 1739 in Prince George County.  Known as Hugh Lee, Jr., he was a surveyor in 1715.  He and Ann Tatum were the parents of Samuel, Matthews, Hugh, Thomas, Nathaniel, William, John, Peter, and Henry.  Thomas married Sarah Wyatt and died in 1786.

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  1. Rebecca Owens said, on July 21, 2011 at 11:36 am

    Researchers have been unable to find proof of Hugh Lee and Hannah Hewitt having any children. Hannah was the widow of Robert Hewitt when she married Hugh Lee. Hannah is not the mother of Hugh Lee bc 1660 married Ann [Harrison]–her maiden name is unproven!! Hugh had died when Hannah took over his shipping business and she remarried.
    The parentage of Hugh Lee and Ann and his son, Hugh married Ann Tatum is unknown at this time. Y-DNA has been done on this lineage and documentation has not been found proving Hugh any kin to Hugh of Northumberland County.

    • geesnmore said, on July 22, 2011 at 10:19 pm

      Thank you for you input.

    • Raymond H. Ford said, on March 29, 2014 at 8:41 am

      Hi I am trying to find the parents of Charles Jones b 1749 In Buckingham (or Amherst ) Co VA he married a Hannah Poly Adcock from Amherst Co. VA and lived in Kanawha CO. VA died in Kanawha Co. 1841/42 have his will, his wife d in 1862 in Chillicothe, Ross Co. OH. His dau Mary Ann Jones b 1800 in Amherst co VA
      married John P. Clark in Kanawha Co abt 1820.Any help greatly appreciated
      I am Ray Ford Genealogist for the Pittsburgh Chapter SAR
      I have been told that it is thought that his father was Abraham and his mother Sarah Batte I have no proof of this

  2. Jean said, on July 27, 2013 at 11:08 am

    Very interesting line, proves some points I was looking for, just wonder where the Marshall family fit into this families,

    • Nancy said, on November 30, 2013 at 8:40 am

      After the death of her husband Thomas Lygon, Elizabeth Worsham daughter of John Worsham married for the second time Alexander Marshall. That might be where the Marshall family comes in.

  3. Cindy Stamps said, on September 5, 2013 at 11:21 am

    Kathryn, your work is very impressive! I would like to add a little information about Rowland Jones, minister at Bruton Parish Church. His father, Rev. Rowland Bartholomew Jones, did marry Alice Collier in 1636 Oxfordshire, England. I have personally viewed this record in Salt Lake City, but Alice Collier was listed as “widow”. I went back in the Oxford marriages and found her marriage to John Collier in 1625, Burford, Oxfordshire, but she was listed as Alice Ward, widow. So I went back further and found Alice Bannester marrying Thomas Ward in 1623 at Enstone, Oxfordshire. So descendants should not waste time trying to research Collier, when indeed she was born a Bannester. Rowland Jones was her 3rd husband. On her marriage at Thomas Ward, she was not listed as a widow.

    • geesnmore said, on September 5, 2013 at 4:16 pm

      Awesome and many thanks.

      • John H. Young, M.D. said, on May 11, 2014 at 6:03 pm

        Just finished reading your work, Early Virginia Jones Families. FANTASTIC! I hope perhaps you can help with a problem. You’re my last great hope. I have been a dedicated genealogist for over 50 years and during all that time I have been searching for, among others, a particular Jones family, all to no avail. This is what I know: His name was Hamilton Jones; He married Sarah C. “Sally” Jones, daughter of Hardy Jones, who was a descendant of the Matthew Jones family of Isle of Wight, VA. They may have been related. Who knows? Hamilton Jones suddenly just appears like out of a vapor in Limestone Co., AL, in about 1821, already grown and wealthy. His eldest child, Kimbrough G. Jones, was born in AL, on Jan. 11, 1822. He had 11 other children, all born in Limestone Co., AL, and there are many descendants of Hamilton’s. He migrated to what is now Lee Co., Arkansas, in 1855 and later died there. Before this Hamilton Jones died, he designed his own rather imposing cemetery marker (Cedar Heights Cemetery, Marianna, Lee Co., Arkansas) and it reads, “Hamilton Jones, Born in Virginia, Died January 11, 1880, Aged 84 Years,” meaning he was born in 1795-96, depending on the month. In all the census records he gave his birthplace as Virginia. Family legend early on had it that he was from Isle of Wight Co., Virginia, but that’s legend, not fact. So that’s it in a nut-shell. After all these years, I would nearly kill to learn his ancestry. He was, after all, my maternal great-great-grandfather Any clues you or any of your readers could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

      • geesnmore said, on May 12, 2014 at 8:22 pm

        Dr. Young,
        I wish I could help… all I know is online already.
        Hopefully someone else will read this and be able to help you out.
        Best of luck, Kathryn

  4. Dorothy said, on October 8, 2013 at 10:20 am

    I descend from alot of these families.

  5. William Stratton said, on October 26, 2013 at 2:03 pm

    Hello, I am the 11th direct descendant of the original Edward Stratton of Bermuda Hundred.

    • Susan Stratton Bennett said, on November 25, 2016 at 2:01 pm

      Hi William, I was wondering if you have tested your y-dna? Many people on Ancestry are convinced my ancestor Solomon Stratton (b abt 1743 in VA) is the son of John Stratton an unnamed son of Edward III. There is no paper evidence for this connection, so DNA evidence could clear this up. The haplogroup for Solomon Stratton is R-M269.

  6. Loraine Dipp Jones said, on January 6, 2014 at 3:13 pm

    I have The Jones Family book edited in 1884 and this book was collected, compiled and edited by George Farquhar Jones. This book has de history of the first generation of Jones Family sinceThomas Jones who borned in 1598 to 1600 in Wales or England. My grandfather Parker Jones came to Mexico to work in mines. He got merried here and I am his grandaughter. I will be very glad to be in contact with more Jones.

  7. Cindy Stamps said, on April 8, 2014 at 5:31 am

    Re Ray Ford’s query: From August Fothergill’s excellent book Peter Jones and Richard Jones: Compiled from Original Sources. She lists the children of Abraham Jones and Sarah Batte as: 1. Thomas married Lucy Watson; 2. Abraham married Martha Jones; 3. William married Jemimah Jones; 4. Peter (Sweathouse) married Martha Jones; 5. Ann married Jos. Osborne; 6. Henry married Keziah Jones; 7;. Margaret. As you can see, those Jones boys really liked to marry their cousins.

  8. Patsy (Jones) Martin said, on June 29, 2014 at 3:57 pm

    I just wondered if anyone has noticed the will of Abraham Jones of Isle of Wight co., Va (Genealogies of Va. Families Vol II) will book 2 p 477 .. will dated 28 Mar 1757 ,, court Jan 5, 1758 It mentions sons: Matthew Jones, John Jones, Abraham Jones , Dau/Ann Pittman, dau/ Martha Delk. I have been researching a lot of Jones Families and one was & is Matthew Jones.As my Grandfather is Zora Matthew Jones born 1875- 1940. All of his descendants seem to come from Isle of Wight Co., Va including names attached to this family , Underwood , Crumpler, Raiford, Braswell, even the Butler name is there. . Then there is a will for John Jones of IOW Co., Va dated July 1697 will bk 2 page 255 that names son : Abraham 600 acres on upper parish at Blackwater, dau/ Ann Barnes, wife of John Barnes, mentions her son John Barnes, Abraham Jones will dated 28 Mar 1757 is known as being ” of the Blackwater” I have been researching this Jones family for some time , what is even more interesting is that we have a 3rd G Grandfather Matthew Jones married Eliz (Betsy) Wester or Westray and the Westray family is from early Isle of Wight Co., Va. William Westray married Eliz Marshall and in 1647 he received land for transporting 15 people to IOW Co., Va.
    Do you or anyone else have any thoughts on this? “”Would appreciate any help.”” I believe this family is also attached to Robert Rives Jones, only more research & time will tell.
    Patsy Jones
    PS I really appreciate and enjoy your hard work.

  9. Cynthia Cloughly said, on July 1, 2014 at 4:33 pm

    My husband is a descendant of Peter Jones and Mary Batte. Do you know which woman was her mother, Amy Butler, Amy Randolph or Mary Randolph?

    • Cynthia Cloughly said, on July 1, 2014 at 4:59 pm

      O–and you are doing a fantastic job! Thanks so much for all your research!

    • geesnmore said, on July 1, 2014 at 5:53 pm

      All I know is online.

  10. Kathryn Colvin said, on January 29, 2015 at 2:16 pm

    Many, many thanks for posting this. I’m descended from Wards, Osbornes and Blackman’s and was thrilled to learn more about them.

    In spite of records, I am not descended from the Battes. I have a guide book from Oakwell Hall I’d be happy to send to you as a small token of appreciation for all your work. Email me if you’d like.

    • Cynthia Cloughly said, on February 13, 2015 at 12:55 pm

      Thank you Kathryn. I would love to get a copy; my husband it seems is a Battes descendant.

      Cynthia Smith Cloughly Lanexa VA

      From: AlliedFamilies Reply-To: AlliedFamilies Date: Thursday, January 29, 2015 at 8:27 PM To: Cindy Cloughly Subject: [New comment] Jones Allied Families Kathryn Colvin commented: “Many, many thanks for posting this. I’m descended from Wards, Osbornes and Blackman’s and was thrilled to learn more about them. In spite of records, I am not descended from the Battes. I have a guide book from Oakwell Hall I’d be happy t”

      • hoseafariel said, on February 15, 2015 at 2:53 pm

        I’m asking for any help I can get. I am seeking the ancestors of my great-great grandfather, one Hamilton Jones. I’ve been looking for over 20 yrs. As stated, his name was Hamilton Jones. What I know is that he was born in Virginia in 1795-1796. He married Sarah C. (“Sally”) Jones, daughter of Hardy Jones. Hamilton moved to Limestone Co., Alabama, before 1822. He died in Lee County, Arkansas, in 1880. Any help would certainly be appreciated. Thanks.

  11. Connette Blalock said, on August 5, 2015 at 9:28 am

    I want to know more about Thomas Halford who married Ann Battes (about 1623) See my tree at Battes and Halford

  12. Mary Clare Windisch said, on May 31, 2016 at 6:26 am

    Hello Dr. Young,

    I am a descendent of Hardy Jones. We have also been doing our Jones family research for years. I have often thought that he may have been a son or grandson of Matthew but could not prove. Do you have proof? I would love to make that connection. If only my mother had asked her grandfather for the geneology. What this wonderful southern gentleman ,Captain Arthur Llywellin Jones did give to us is all his stories of The War Between the States. He was born 1857 in Suffolk Virginia and died 100 years later. His father, John Arthur Jones was hurt in a horse race accident as a boy and could not fight for the Confederacy, but he was able to help his cause by running guns for Jefferson Davis through The Great Dismal Swamp. Like his son he was also a seaman and was able to get his sloop through the waterways to the Cape Fear and down to Jamaica. What we know is he had access to the Confederate President and met with Jefferson Davis about matters. His wife’s Uncle Jeremiah Jones was also involved in this. My mother and I have written the stories down. Both of my great grandparents on my mother’s fathers side were Jones’ making this even more difficult. What we do know is as early as 1760 two brothers or father and son moved to Nansemond county from Isle of Wight. They were John and Hardy. Also, my new geneology friend from Richmond contacted me about a Sally Jones in the 18th century from Nansemond. If this is her Sally that would be fantastic. She is related to the Boyettes through this line. What I can tell you is Hardy had a son my 4th great Whitson who had a son Lemuel Copeland Jones whose daughter Diana Lee Jones married John Arthur Jones. John Arthur’s father was Arthur Llywellin . A Jones father and great grandfather with the same name can be traced to 1760 in Nansemond also with adjoining lands to John and Hardy. Perhaps another relative of Hardy. These Arthur’s were quite successful owning plantations all over the county and in NC. Some of the furniture from one plantation White Marsh is still in my family. I tell you this because names seemed to be used over and over in the family. I have not heard of a Hamilton but I will be on the lookout. Some other Jones first names of Nansemond in the 18th and early 19th century were Francis, Willian, Abraham, Matthew,Henry,Thomas ,Micajah, Britton,Bray, Ivey,David, James ,Norfleet, Marmaduke and Dempsey. With records lost in Nansemond due to fires what we have found in the past few years is amazing. I won’t give up because the Internet and DNA are so helpful. I hope you see this and we can connect!
    Mary Clare Windisch

  13. michael D. Barrett said, on January 8, 2017 at 10:12 am

    George Allen Barrett, Va and N.C. 1776-1836. His descendants think that he is related to Meschack Barrett of Stokes Co. N.C. I am a descendant of Thomas Barrett born 1775 of Henry co., Va and Hawkins co., Tenn. I have taken a DNA test at ftdna. I am an exact match for Meschack Barrett. He also stated that he is descended from Thomas Barrett whose grandfather was Edward Booker. Booker is kin to people who were related to Francis Epps. William Barrett circa 1730 married a Epps. They are alson related to Mary
    Willis and Henry Hatcher who was related to Stewarts. Circa 1750 in Lunenberg Co., Sarah Ward, Silva Willis, and William Weakley were witnesses for Miles Barrett. Miles Barrett on 1748 tithes list for Lunenberg co., va John Beard(Byrd) paid his tithe. around 1715 William Byrd (Beard) was related to these families. Can anyone confirm that George Allen Barrett was related to Meschack Barrett?

  14. Cindy Stamps said, on January 8, 2017 at 3:32 pm

    Which Edward Booker? There are many.

    • mick barrett said, on October 12, 2017 at 1:40 pm

      John Booker deed land to his nephews Richard Booker 1782, Thomas Barrett 1785. Thomas was son of unknown Barrett and Martha Booker. John Booker’s mother Judith Archer Married his uncle Col. Edward Booker. I know that Col. Edward Booker was related to Capt. Richard Booker the 3rd. One of the Booker’s married into the Worsham and Womack families. 1738 orphan John Barrett was bound to George Lewis to learn a trade (taylor). Worsham and Womacks were listed as witnesses in some of George Lewis deeds or etc.

    • mick barrett said, on October 12, 2017 at 3:04 pm

      John Booker deeded land to his nephews Richard Booker 1782 and Thomas Barrett 1785. John Booker’s sister Martha married an unknown Barrett. John Booker’s uncle was Col Edward Booker who married John’s mother an Archer. John and Martha were children of Richard Booker the 3rd. They were related to Worsham and Womacks. Orphan John Barrett was bound out to George Lewis in 1738. George Lewis step father was married to widow Jones and step son Evan Jones, widow Lewis and step son George Lewis, and his first wife and five children was by a Tickle. Archer, William Worsham, and William Womack were witness and executors of John Gale’s Will.

  15. Cindy Stamps said, on October 13, 2017 at 12:11 pm

    My files indicate that Martha Booker married a William Barrett. I don’t have any more info on him.

  16. mick barrett said, on October 30, 2017 at 9:43 am

    David Barrett and wife Mary gave birth to a lame child 1731. 1732 Orphan John Barrett was bound to James Munford and Eliz Bolling his wife. Robt. Munford married Martha Kennon, and Col Richard Kennon married Elizabeth Worsham. Martha Booker had a son Thomas Barrett, and a John Booker deeded land to his nephew Thomas Barrett 1785. John Booker married Phoebe Worsham, and his son John Booker Jr. (who deeded land to his nephew Thomas Barrett 1785. Miles Barrett was tithed by John Beard in Lunenberg co., va 1740’s. Any help would be appreciated.

  17. Dee said, on December 26, 2017 at 1:19 pm

    Trying to figure out what line Sarah Jones is from. Married Josiah F. Baugh of Chesterfield Va. He was born in 1820, she was born I believe ib 1815. They married in Ste Genevieve, Mo in 1846, but census show them back in VA after they married. Have done tons of research online to no avail. I did find 1 Sarah Jones, daughter of Brtholomew “Batte” Jones, but could not find anything else on her.

  18. Violet J Willis said, on October 27, 2019 at 3:04 pm

    WOW . . . am related to many of these families . . . 🙂

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